How to book an appointment?

STEP 1: For all customers, Please whatsapp us at 9618 4345 and fill in the primary auto-message form first.

STEP 2: Only for first time customersproceed to fill in your additional records/details by clicking on the "form here" link below above once we've confirmed your appointment.

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How long does grooming take?

As grooming are all hand work. Time varies base on the groomer chosen, condition of dog’s coat, temperament, style required and appointment delays.

 Basic Groom Full Groom
Small Breeds 1 hour 2.5-3 hours
Medium Breeds 1.5 hours 3 hours
Large Breeds 2 hours 4 hours


How often should my pet be groomed?

Depending on breeds and at home maintenance, we recommend basic grooming to be done every 2-3 weeks and full grooming to be done every 4-6 weeks.

When can my pet start grooming?

We encourage owners to start introducing grooming at home when you first get your pet. This will help make your puppy's / kitten's visit to the groomers a more pleasant experience. A visit to the groomers after once all the necessary vaccination has been completed. This is to protect your own pet. We will not be responsible if your pet catches a virus due to in-sufficient or not up-to-date vaccinations. 

Do you groom dogs / cats with special needs?

Yes we do, please inform us when making an appointment so we can keep a longer time slot for him / her. Subjected to additional charges as more time will be required. For animals with aggression pre-consult will be necessary to access if we will be able to conduct the grooming in a safe manner for both pet and groomer. 

What happens if you are unable to groom my pet?/ Will you decline to groom my Dog?

If we are unable to groom your pet due to aggression or other factors, we will charge only for the grooming services up till what we have done. 

We reserve the right to decline our services should the situation be assessed as dangerous to the Pet or Groomer. In situations where the Owner is unreasonable or abusive or rude, we may also decline to groom your pet.

Why do you charge more for a senior / aggressive / matted dog?

Each grooming session is allocated a certain time frame, because the number of dogs a Groomer can groom a day is limited, if your pet requires more time, it will only be fair to charge accordingly.

Can I choose not to de-tick/flea my pet? 

Unfortunately not. We are a tick/flea-free salon and want to remain so. Always inform us in advance if your pet has ticks/fleas. De-ticking/fleaing is mandatory to safeguard other clients within the premises. If your pet is already checked-in for grooming and found to have ticks, a charge will be billed to you for cleaning even if you choose not to proceed.

I would like to choose my Dog Groomer, is that possible?

Yes, you may choose your groomer, otherwise a Groomer will be assigned to you. There may be additional charges depending on the groomer of your choice. Charges differ according to experience, position and certification.

Why are there different charges between the Dog Groomers? 

Charges differ according to skill, experience and Certification of the Groomer. Like in the corporate world, Groomers also have their wages increased over-time and experience. If your preferred Groomer has risen through the ranks, his or her fees will also be adjusted accordingly. You may choose another Groomer if you do not wish to pay more and another Groomer will be assigned to the session. Because grooming is hand work, always remember that no two grooms are the same, even by the same groomer. DO NOT request for the same results from a Master Groomer to a Junior Groomer.

What happens if an injury occurs during grooming?

We aim for a pleasant grooming experience for every client. However, accidents can occur during grooming. Should such a misfortune happen, we will appoint a Vet of our choice to handle the matter. Depending on the severity and how much fault lies with us, we will make a capped amount of medical compensation. This compensation only covers immediate action required by the Vet, no after-care, related conditions for example bed sores, inflamed skin etc or follow-up will be covered. This is to protect the establishment, preventing customers from making unreasonable claims. Remember we are only Groomers, over-compensation by any Grooming Establishment or Groomers will only drive cost up and in-evitable price increases and not to mention, extremely unfair to the establishment or its Groomers. We are working with sharp objects on moving targets, it is never easy and especially so when the pet does not co-operate. Pre-existing conditions are not covered as well. For example, a dog who has hip problem may feel discomfort after grooming having stood for a period of time. A dog with sensitive skin or matted coat may present skin irritation after grooming. Heart attacks can occur during or after grooming IF your pet already has a pre-existing heart condition. We cannot possibly be responsible for results of pre-existing conditions.

What happens if my Pet injures the Groomer or any persons working for the Establishment?

A capped medical compensation depending on the severity may be required to be fair. Once a groomer is injured, he or she will not be able to work for a period of time. Always inform us if your dog is aggressive so we can be extra careful. We love animals but we do not deserve to be put in dangerous situations. A serious injury can cause a Groomer to be handicapped or maimed for life. 


All Terms and Conditions apply the moment your pet steps in for grooming.